New Super Luigi U
New Super Luigi U (NA)
Nintendo EAD
Super Mario Series
Release Date(s)
Digital Download
NA June 20, 2013
JP June 19, 2013
EU June 20, 2013
AU June 21, 2013
NA August 25, 2013
JP July 13, 2013
EU July 26, 2013
AU July 27, 2013
Side Scrolling
1P, Multi-player
Wii U GamePad
Up to four Wiimotes
Wii U Pro Controller

New Super Luigi U is a side-scrolling 2.5D platform game for the Wii U released as part of the Year of Luigi. It was released as a expansion pack for New Super Mario Bros. U and later released as a standalone game.


The gameplay is largely similar to New Super Mario Bros. U, but Luigi's jumping height is higher. The game has been designed to be harder, only having 100 seconds in every stage, due to this, stages have been made shorter.

New Super Luigi U's multiplayer is included from New Super Mario Bros. U, however Mario is not present and Nabbit takes its place. As Nabbit, the player cannot take damage from enemies but cannot use any items, every item collected will be turned into a 1UP at the end of the stage.

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