Mario's official artwork in Super Mario 3D World.
First Appearance
Donkey Kong (1981)
Latest Appearance
Mario is the mascot of Nintendo and the icon of the Super Mario franchise. Since his debut in the 1981 arcade game, Donkey Kong, he has appeared in hundreds of games. The character an Italian plumber who resides in the Mushroom Kingdom along with his brother, Luigi. Many times he has been called to save Princess Peach when she has been kidnapped by Bowser, but when he's not he is racing, fighting and playing sports like soccer, and baseball among other things.

Appearances in Wii U gamesEdit

New Super Mario Bros. UEdit

Mario's first appearance in a Wii U game is in New Super Mario Bros. U.

Super Mario 3D WorldEdit

Mario appears as one of the five playable characters in Super Mario 3D World. He is an all-around character, unlike the other four characters, who each has a special ability.

Mario Kart 8Edit

Mario appears as a playable character in the game, Mario Kart 8.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii UEdit

Mario appears as a playable character in the fourth installment of the Super Smash Bros. series.