People are doubtful when it comes to the power off the Wii U. and to be honest, we all have had such thought that it might actually be true.

It's time to reset your thinking! ...or more like Re-think your thinking! because there is actually proof!

Proof that we find, even more impressive than anything else we saw at Nintendo's E3 Presentation!

Let's get to the goodies!

Zelda DemoEdit

The Zelda Demo is an amazing example to show off the power of the Wii U, these videos we're about to show you... has caused us, real "epiphany" moments where we really understood that.. Nintendo is seriously going hard when it comes to graphics.

The Zelda Demo show off an example how a Zelda game would look like, if it used the HD capabilities of the Wii U while it was running a Twilight Princess art-like structure when it comes to graphics and textures.

thumb|635px|left This first video shows off a pretty clear image of off the TV screen, and the Wii-U controller, even though it was filmed with a 720p camera, you still get the breathetaking moment how amazing the Demo actually is... but you also get a disco feeling to all this when you hear Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow" in the background meanwhile the demo user decide to shut the lights on and off with the controller... yes, that is also a feature in the Zelda Demo, where you could see how the graphics looked like in darker or lighter situations, just to show off the shading and the amazing detail.


This second video shows off not only the very over-dramatic reaction of the Wii U player, but also the amazing graphical details. With a good camera man which clearly and slowly shoots both the controller and the TV screen, you'll get a full picture of how crystal clear image the Wii U can actually produce.


This third and final video shows off both the controller and the TV screen on the same time! This makes it easier to focus on whatever you now want to focus on! - meanwhile you still can enjoy the amazing graphics, and the pure HD clearness...

For more indepth info about why the Zelda Demo is how it is and why it shows off such features, click here.

Looking back...Edit

Now when you look back to the early Tech Preview of what the Nintendo Wii U can do... you're probably now:

A) If you were impressed, you are not anymore because after seeing Zelda Demo you're jaw just dropped (off completely).

B) If you weren't impressed by the Tech Preview, now you are, but for the Zelda Demo and you cannot wait to see more!

Nintendo is back in the game... with HD graphics, and lots and lots of more gore, just for the hardcore gamers.